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Taksim Prelude Hotel is located at Taksim Square and İstiklal Avenue, which are İstanbul’s entertainment and cultural centers. Our building was built in 1836 and is a cultural heritage that has been standing for many years in Taksim, the center of Istanbul, one of the most outstanding cities in the world.

By virtue of the study of restoration it was through, it offers a very harmonious contrast between old and new, appealing to all your senses from the moment you enter into. All rooms and spaces of Taksim Prelude Hotel are designed with aesthetically, considering your comfort. You can make a fire in the fireplaces in the lobby and in many of the rooms and which will always warm you up and take place in your memories, while sipping coffee with the filter coffee machine in your room in cold winter days. There is also a large room with a terrace on the top floor, with panoramic sea views dominating the entire historical peninsula. Quilt cover sets used in the rooms are specially manufactured from top quality fabrics and offers a comfortable sleep to its guests.

Taksim Prelude Hotel is located in 400 meters away Taksim district, the most important attraction destination of the world, and 100 meters away from İstiklal Avenue. Taksim Prelude Hotel is a perfect choice for guests in the heart of the city, with many restaurants, art galleries and shopping centers around and very close to public transportation.

Taksim Prelude Hotel, who adopted the service sector’s precepts, carefully chooses its staff in the knowledge that trust is the highest quality.

Why İstanbul Taksim?

Beyoğlu, which starts from Şişhane and Tunelbaşı and exhibits an intensive settlement on both sides of İstiklal Caddesi which is the main axis, reaches a wide perspective gap for the first time and from this square back to the sea (Ayasapaşa-Gümüşsuyu) to the west (Sıraselviler) the roads to the north (Mete Caddesi and Elmadağ), the people and the vehicle that has reached it, distributes in various directions.

This space has only won a challenge in very recent history. The French settlement, which first moved out of the walls of Galata with the move of the French Embassy, ​​ended with the Grande Rue de Péra (İstiklal Caddesi), which is the central axis, at the point where today’s square is located, he stretches.

The first architectural work that entered here is a water building in classical Ottoman style, which is quite strange to the surroundings of Frenk and Levanten. As in every settlement, the vital problem in Istanbul was suydu. Especially during the 15th and 18th centuries, Istanbul played an important role when Istanbul became a sea city and became a rage. Galata and Beyoğlu’s growing water in the first half of the 18th century became insufficient.

Taksim Square and İstiklal Caddesi is a busy, moving place with 24/7. The buffets at the entrance of the square do not close as well. Taxis are available every hour of the day. The music is crowded, the race does not end.

After having fun in the clubs at night, every night, in the bars in Siraselviler, the wet hamburger, savory rolls are eaten and returned to the houses with the first lights in the morning.

Prelude Hotel

Our service is our highest level of guest satisfaction and international acenters day by day.